Featured Projects

At any given time on campus there are numerous projects being overseen by Design and Construction Management. In these pages we go into greater detail about the planning process and share information about construction progress on some of our high-profile campus projects.


The Big Shift

To decrease our campus’s reliance on natural gas and move our university closer to becoming carbon neutral by 2025, UC Davis is converting our building heating system from one that utilizes steam heat generated by natural gas, to a heating system that uses hot water generated by electricity – a renewable resource.

Briggs Hall Lab Renovations

The renovation of 14,000 square feet of the College of Biological Sciences’ lab space on the northwest side of the first floor of Briggs Hall will increase the utilization of laboratory space, providing a more open lab configuration.

Briggs Hall Roof and Electrical Renovations

Briggs Hall, home to dozens of research groups and labs, opened in 1971 – almost 50 years ago – to accommodate major increases in students and faculty studying and researching the biological sciences. Today the roof and electrical systems need major renovations to protect critical research and academic equipment.

Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics

How does the universe work? Interior renovations of the Physical Sciences Library’s second and third floors will facilitate the answer to this, and other questions, by creating innovative collaboration spaces.

Chemistry Addition and 1st Floor Renovations

The addition will include new research laboratories, a multi-disciplinary team laboratory, upper-division teaching laboratories, research laboratory support, office space for faculty and graduate student researchers and shared collaboration spaces.

Chemistry Seismic and Life Safety Corrections

To provide increased protection and accessibility for students, employees and the public, these buildings are being renovated to improve their seismic and fire safety in conjunction with the construction of multiple ADA improvements.

CNPRC Lifespan Health Center

The CNPRC Lifespan Health Center project, part of the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC), relocates and expands the offices of the Neuroscience and Behavior unit to a location within the Primate Center campus, but outside its high security area.

Controlled Environment Facility Expansion

UC Davis is already home to the largest public installation of a controlled environment facility in the nation. In fall 2019, we will further secure our research excellence in this area when this expansion is complete.

Cruess Hall

Cruess Hall is being renovated to provide multimedia classrooms, a wood shop, metal shop and a 90-seat screening and lecture hall. In addition, contractors will demolish a 5,000 square foot building and replace it with a new entry lobby and 200-seat screening and lecture hall designed to accommodate our campus’s cinema and digital media program.