Project Initiation

Integrated Capital Planning, in collaboration with Capital Planning and Space Management & Project Development, coordinates the review of requests for additional space and proposals to initiate capital improvement projects.

Please complete the Space and Project Needs Request to begin the Project Initiation process. All completed Needs Requests or other questions concerning Project Initiation, Capital Improvement or Space can be directed to

Please note: your Space and Project Needs Request does not need to be fully developed. It is never too early to submit. We will help you through the process.

What's Next?

Once received, your Needs Request will be reviewed at the Weekly Project Coordination meeting and routed to the appropriate group for further follow up. The following groups may be consulted as part of the planning process:

  • Space Management will work with you on any needs requiring new space or space that is changing use.
  • Facilities Management will take on maintenance and projects projected to be under $50,000.
  • Campus Planning will review anything affecting land use, exteriors, grounds, roads and pathways.
  • Real Estate Services will review needs requiring off campus or leased space.
  • Capital projects will be assigned to DCM project managers.

Please submit your Needs Request as early in your planning process as possible. Your Need Request does not need to be fully developed as Integrated Capital Planning works in collaboration with the Campus Concierge service. The Campus Concierge will improve your project planning and budgeting by providing efficient review along with initial concepts and cost ranges. The Campus Concierge service will analyze your needs and determine the most effective delivery method whether your project is maintenance, minor construction or a larger project.

If you have further questions regarding project initiation, please contact us at