Project Initiation is designed to assist campus customers with the project process by creating a single coordinated intake point for all space and project need requests. Requests are reviewed weekly by leadership within Design & Construction Management, Real Estate Services, Facilities, and Campus Planning. 

To begin, please submit a signed Space & Project Needs Request (SPNR) to and a Project Initiation team member will respond with further information. Please note, your SPNR does not need to be fully developed. It is never too early to submit as DCM has a variety of services to assist you through the entire project process. 

aIf you need help with project conception (initial planning advice, budgeting costs, etc.), please request this on the SPNR and we will assist you in analyzing your needs and determine the most effective delivery method whether your project is maintenance, minor construction or a larger project.


aIf your need is for specific maintenance, repairs or minor alterations to individual lights, switches or receptacles, painting, equipment connections, etc. that do not alter room use or modify circulation, please submit a work order directly to Facilities Management at


chairIf your furniture need includes changing the location or removal of a door, adding furniture panels higher than 54", or affecting circulation or HVAC/Electrical, please complete and submit an SPNR. If you would like the assistance of Furniture Services in evaluating furniture options, space layout, and budgeting, please complete a Furniture Needs Request and submit it to and a Furniture Services team member we will respond with further information.  If your furniture need is for basic seating, storage or small accessories, please review the limited UCF punchout catalog within AggieBuy to purchase directly.