Seismic Improvement Projects

Seismic Improvement Projects

To ensure the safety of students, employees and the entire university community, Design and Construction Management (DCM) is hard at work identifying and implementing necessary seismic improvements on campus. Using the UC seismic policy guidelines, every major building at UC Davis, including on satellite sites, was evaluated and DCM is using that data to provide seismic improvements and other necessary work including code compliance and critical deferred maintenance.


Seismic ratings, as determined by UC Seismic Policy, are used to determine the priority of building improvements, along with code requirements, occupancy, programmatic function and funding considerations. Renovations to each building will be a balance between seismic improvements, code compliance renovations and critical deferred maintenance. DCM will also be working to integrate improvements with existing architecture and minimize disruption by working from the exterior of buildings when possible.

UC Seismic Policy

The purpose of the UC Seismic Policy is, to the extent feasible by present earthquake engineering practice, to provide an acceptable level of earthquake safety for students, employees, and the public who occupy university facilities and leased facilities. In order to comply with the policy, UC Davis must ensure that a university facility with a Seismic Performance Rating of V or VI (as defined in Appendix A of the policy) is not occupied beyond December 31, 2030. 


Under the 2013-14 Budget Act (AB 94), the university can use State operating funds to address critical capital needs, subject to approval and reporting requirements and in the absence of other State funding. The university has targeted seismic improvements with these funds, but is also addressing other needs that fall under the scope of AB 94. This includes addressing compliance with building, fire and accessibility codes and critical deferred maintenance.

Current Seismic Improvement Projects

The 6 buildings included in this phase of work have been evaluated and rated with a Seismic Performance Rating of VI and are therefore in a high priority category for improvement. Learn more about each of these buildings and their scopes of work below.