Featured Projects

Chemistry Annex Seismic Work (Phase 2)

To provide increased protection and accessibility for students, employees and the public, these buildings are being renovated to improve their seismic and fire safety in conjunction with the construction of multiple ADA improvements.

Voorhies Hall

Voorhies Hall has been identified as a high priority, level VI rated, building for seismic improvements.

Young Hall

Young Hall has been identified as a high priority, level VI rated, building for seismic renovations.

TLC Fourth Floor Fit-Out

The fourth floor of the Teaching and Learning Complex will host 12,000 square feet of open offices that will support undergraduate education. To facilitate this missions, revisions will be made to the fourth floor of the TLC to best support occupants.

University Airport - Runway Improvements

The runway at the University Airport, the only campus airport in the UC system, will receive significant improvements, in line with Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Arboretum Waterway Enhancement Project

Phase One, at the West End of the Arboretum, was completed in 2018. A new $5.4 million dollar grant from the State of California Natural Resources Agency, will allow the completion of the project. The waterway channel will be renovated, removing concrete and gabions, dredging the waterway, reconfiguring the side slopes and planting with riparian species.

CNPRC Central Plant & Energy Improvements

A new central plant for the California Natural Primate Research Center will be constructed to replace the existing heating and cooling system with a more energy-efficient hot water system. In order to run the new plant with a lower carbon footprint, while also reducing operating costs, a solar/thermal collector panel field will be installed.

Wellman Hall Basement Classroom Renovations

Nine classrooms in the Wellman Hall basement will be renovated as part of the ongoing General Assignment Classroom renovation program. Renovations include re-sizing classrooms, upgrading technology and Wi-Fi, and adding new furniture.

Coffee Center

Constructed in 2008, the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory now serves as the home of the UC Davis Coffee Center, the world’s first academic research and teaching facility entirely dedicated to the study of coffee.