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Integrated Planning & Design

Integrated Planning & Design

Our Integrated Planning & Design (IPD) team leads and manages the development of strategic, integrated planning visions and capital programs in close collaboration with campus stakeholders.

Consisting of the Capital Planning, Space Management & Project Development, Integrated Projects and Design groups, the team provides a broad range of planning, design, space and project management services to support campus facilities’ needs. This includes the planning and programming for inter-related capital projects, districts, functional portfolios (e.g., student housing, classrooms) with complex operational, funding and phasing requirements.

 Quick Links: Capital Planning (CP) | Space Management & Project Development (SMPD) | Integrated Projects Group | Design Group

Capital Planning (CP) 

Provides campus-wide management of the capital improvement program which consists of investments in:

  • new buildings or facilities
  • utility infrastructure
  • renovation and renewal of existing buildings
  • acquisition of land, buildings or facilities

Capital Planning also provides stewardship of the campus Capital Financial Plan that identifies projects that are proposed in that planning horizon, providing the context and framework for guiding campus capital investments. The plan is updated annually after consultation with Deans, Vice Chancellors, and campus senior leadership and is adopted by the Regents.  

Space Management & Project Development (SMPD) 

Supports campus leadership in implementing campus space policy and allocating building space to campus units. SMPD works with Dean and Vice Chancellor offices to develop space master plans, align space use with program needs and available resources, and identify opportunities for optimizing space efficiency.

Space Release Program

A new incentive program calling for campus departments to consolidate and release office space has the potential to save the university $4 million annually. Learn more and start the process.

Space Policy and Space Guidelines

Space Management and Project Development is responsible for maintaining and implementing the Campus Space Policy and Space Guidelines which regulate how space is allocated, assigned and used throughout UC Davis occupied building space. 

FacilitiesLink and Space Data

Space Management & Project Development maintains the campus space database and FacilitiesLink to document information about the assignment, use, function and occupancy of rooms in buildings on and off campus. More information regarding FacilitiesLink.

Space Data Files:
These files are secured and can only be accessed by UC Davis employees. 

Integrated Projects Group

As the implementation-focused group within Integrated Planning & Design, the Integrated Projects Group provides project management with coordinated master planning, inter-project phasing and occupant operations planning. This group leads large capital program initiatives involving multiple complex and inter-related projects, phased over multi-year periods.

Design Group

As the design-focused group within Integrated Planning & Design, the Design Group provides project management support with code research, space planning, surveys and studies, presentation graphics, technical reviews, conceptual design services, and construction documents for major and minor capital projects where appropriate.