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Contact Us - Major Capital Projects

Major Capital Projects

Julie Nola, Director jmnola@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1055
Liz McCleer, Executive Assistant lizmccleer@ucdavis.edu 530.752.8525



Chris McGuire, Manager csmcguire@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1021
Heather Eckels, Assistant Manager heckels@ucdavis.edu 530.752.6115
Ji Maycon, Contracts Analyst jshan@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1037
Stephanie Bailey, Contracts Analyst sbailey@ucdavis.edu 530.752.1458
Cynthia Hongola, Contracts Analyst chongola@ucdavis.edu 530.752.6982


Project Management

Aaron Lester. Associate Director alester@ucdavis.edu 530.752.8425, 530.304.2513
Greg Secor, Associate Director gsecor@ucdavis.edu 530.752.9802, 530.574.7519
Rafat Alafranji, Sr. Project Manager ralafranji@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1077, 530.304.5163
Laura Blosser, Sr. Project Manager lblosser@ucdavis.edu 530.754.0534, 530.219.0827
Laura Roberts, Project Manager llroberts@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1059, 530.574.9876
Debra Smith, Sr. Project Manager dlsmith@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1087, 530.601.0620
Jenny Li, Sr. Project Manager jyyli@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1081, 530.574.7384
Howard Maxwell, Sr. Project Manager hmaxwell@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1044


Cost Estimating

Art Timm, Cost Estimator arttimm@ucdavis.edu 530.754.1115
Brook Osborne, Cost Estimator baosborne@ucdavis.edu 530.754.0936