Cynthia Hongola

portrait of Cynthia Hongola

Position Title

  • Contracts

Cynthia Hongola has been with the university for a little over 20 years. She started at Facilities Management before her position merged with Design and Construction Management (DCM) when she assumed her current role of contacts analyst. It was a role that Cynthia fell into, applying to work at UC Davis after gaining experience at a similar jobs bidding contracts to large companies in the early ‘90s. She’s grateful for the job security, flexibility and positive atmosphere.

“I enjoyed how every project was a little bit different and how each opportunity grew my contracting knowledge.”

She has plenty of plans for retirement, the first one being to travel in an RV with her husband throughout the country. After that, she will be spending her time quilting, knitting, crocheting and doing various other things around her house.

In her absence it is best to contact Chris McGuire or Heather Eckles.