Tammy Booker with her family
Tammy Booker (second from the left) attending her oldest son's graduation with her family.

Staff Profile: Tammy Booker

With the same efficiency and excitement she brings to her marathon training, Tammy Booker, space planner for Design and Construction Management's Space Management and Project Development team, has helped UC Davis claim back thousands of square feet of space, save money, and provide space for academics and research to thrive.    

After attending Metropolitan State University Denver and obtaining her degree in Investigative Journalism, Tammy worked in real estate for years before a job opening in Real Estate Services at the university caught her eye. She then transitioned to her current position as a space planner for the university, loving the campus community and collaboration. Her goal as a space planner is to create spaces that maximize efficiency in the most sustainable way possible. This means ensuring that the best space practices are being used, helping dispose of e-waste properly and sustainably, and repurposing and/or recycling items that are in good condition.  

“I would say the most fulfilling part of my job is working collaboratively with professors and space planners to problem solve and provide spaces that can be better utilized for the amazing work taking place at the university,” she said.  

She recalls one of her favorite projects when she worked with the Anthropology department and designers to secure an off campus space and build a state of the art museum for their many artifacts. “I enjoyed it so much because of the creativity and cooperation among everyone on the project, especially when problem solving how to store and protect the artifacts.” 

Tammy Booker at a marathon with friends.
Tammy Booker (first on the right) and her friends at the California International Marathon.

Tammy has also worked on the SMASH the Stash, the Space Management and Aggie Surplus Program, a pilot program aimed at freeing up space for departments by removing redundant items. Through the SMASH program, Tammy, along with Katie Ryan of Aggie Surplus, oversaw 6,585 square feet of space reclaimed in Tupper Hall for two departments as well as 14,442 square feet gained back in the Chemistry building. “It’s incredibly satisfying to see the vast amount of space being freed up for these departments,” she said.   

When she’s not being the ultimate space planner, she’s proudly watching her two sons step into adulthood. With her eldest a recent graduate from the United States Air Force Academy (see image above), and her youngest an incoming freshman in the academy, she’s looking forward to seeing where life takes them.   

As she prepares to tackle the SMASH program’s next building, Young Hall, Tammy is also excited to begin training with her friends for the upcoming California International Marathon in what will be her third marathon race. For Tammy, it’s the collaboration and preparation to achieve her goals that she loves, whether that be getting to the finish line or creating spaces that support innovation and research for the Aggies of tomorrow. 

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